Life Science Newsletter – 6/6/17

In this issue: light sensing in fruit fly brain, tai chi and depression at Mass General, disrupting cancer protein, are older docs riskier for patients?, viruses for enhancing cancer therapy, how dads show gender bias, nuts for colon cancer at Dana … Continue reading

Life Science Newsletter – 3/23/17

In this issue: what are your life chances?, Darwin and living fossils, stem cell science in space, more money/same results,Mayo on chemo resistance, vitamin-D protects against cold/flu, childhood sleep can haunt adults, zeroing in on Alzheimer’s, at Emory a future … Continue reading

Life Science Newsletter – 11/17/16

In this issue: stressed rats drink more booze, Mayo Clinic on dementia, LED lights attract fewer insects, odors’ role in Alzheimer’s, cough virus kills liver cancer, new genetic test for stents, another bug story: mosquitoes to the rescue, Dana Farber’s … Continue reading

TG Therapeutics, Inc. Announces Data Presentations at the Upcoming 58th American Society of Hematology Annual Meeting

Investor Reception to be Held on Monday, December 5, 2016 at 8:00pm PT at the Marriott Gaslamp Hotel with Presentations by Leading Clinical Investigators NEW YORK, Nov. 03, 2016 — TG Therapeutics, Inc. (NASDAQ:TGTX), today announced that updated data for TGR-1202, the Company’s once-daily … Continue reading

Life Science Newsletter 08/04/2016

In this issue: itch in the news, scalpel-free brain surgery, Dana Farber points to another benefit of immunotherapy, boys vs. girls in literacy, our dropping birth rate, new figures on diabetes, Hep-B–the ticking time bomb, Emory on the cat-loving disease, … Continue reading

Life Science Newsletter 6/15/2016

In this issue: Atul Gawande speaks to the scientist in all of us, new blood test for small-cell lung cancer, more than plaque clogs arteries, why making decisions for others is more enjoyable than making our own, smoking and menstrual … Continue reading

Life Science Newsletter 5/12/2016

In this issue: Good for heart, bad for gut?, correcting Fragile X, all the ice remains in Greenland, sparing livers, Mass General and wrinkles, more good news for breastfeeding, Zika’s deforming mechanism, the ER’s formative role in pain drug abuse, … Continue reading

Life Science Newsletter 3/28/2016

In this issue: new genetic clues to heart attacks, simple blood test could predict second strokes, the Big Tick project, teen girls and make-up chemicals, hope for peanut allergies, now good cholesterol may be bad, mosquitoes against Zika virus, Mass … Continue reading

ProQR to Highlight a Growing Pipeline During a Research & Development Day and Present at the Barclays Global Healthcare Conference

LEIDEN, the Netherlands, March 01, 2016  — ProQR Therapeutics N.V. (PRQR), a company dedicated to changing lives through the creation of transformative RNA medicines for the treatment of severe orphan diseases such as cystic fibrosis (CF) and Leber’s congenital amaurosis (LCA), today … Continue reading

Life Science Newsletter – 2/16/2016

In this issue: surviving breast cancer, social media and sleep disorders, let them see you sweat, genetic risks of schizophrenia, breaking pain’s garbage disposal, obesity and puberty, brain train for tendon pain, self-curing cancer, a hippo’s diversity, stay with you … Continue reading

Life Science Newsletter – 12/14/2015

In this issue: what happened to West Nile?, putting the brakes on lung cancer, sexes merge on drinking, stretch mark science, MD Anderson on colorectal cancer, perils of hi-temp meat cooking, Mayo takes on energy drinks, taste in the brain, … Continue reading

Life Science Newsletter – 9/30/2015

In this issue: a heart beats better with beets, cattle linked to human cancer, sense of smell and dying, in cancer – rare variants aren’t so rare, age and anesthesia, stress and emotional support, how plants cope with drought, Duke … Continue reading

Life Science Newsletter – 7/15/2015

In this issue: smart mouth guard for kids, the real beef in meat, mixed findings on cannabis, new utility for epigenetic switches, why boys get more antipsychotic drugs, staying safer in hot weather, vaccine views shifting, curbing diabetes pandemic, obesity … Continue reading

Life Science Newsletter – 5/28/2015

In this issue: more reasons to breast feed, the social bee revealed, old bones can regain youthful healing power, Duke on kidney cancer treatment options, Mayo advances ALS research, carrot or stick to best influence behavior?, individual biology and weight … Continue reading

Life Science Newsletter – 05/11/15

In this issue: key driver of human aging, soy and breast cancer, how glass shape influences speed of drinking, more on health benefits of coffee, how to short-circuit hunger, Duke on Hep. C therapy, toxic mushrooms may help battle cancer, … Continue reading

Life Science Newsletter – 04/13/15

In this issue: A pill for compassion, new kidney hope at Mayo, TV’s effect on diabetes, medulloblastoma in the news, is blood really thicker than water?, urine test for kidney cancer, exercise for fatty livers, government undervalues nuerologist face time, … Continue reading

Life Science Newsletter – 03/25/15

In this issue: Naproxen and bladder cancer, health impact of brushfires, putting 3D back in drug design, stopping hospitals’ revolving doors, healthy-looking prostate cells can mask cancer, obesity and pregnant women, eat peanuts early to prevent allergy, does green tea … Continue reading

Life Science Newsletter – 02/25/15

In this issue: reducing surgery time and costs, doctors divorce less, trends in pairing drugs, smokers are more anxious, salt intake no so bad for elders, watch out for daily drinking, importance of trivial symptoms, heartburn as a sign of … Continue reading

Life Science Newsletter – 01/09/15

In this issue: explaining breast cancer’s spread, restoring lost memories at UCLA, lonelier at the top or bottom?, wormy GPS, U.S. workers’ sleep priorities, how financial stress affects cancer patients, Dana-Farber on circulating RNA, smoking and the Y chromosome, hazards … Continue reading

Life Science Newsletter – 10/27/14

In this issue: Bubble Boy revisited, predicting side effects of cancer drugs, Duke on copper and the prostate, reducing patient wait time, alcohol and cancer, leap for diabetes, tongue size matter in sleep, fecal transplants at Mass General, Ebola’s own … Continue reading