Medgenics, Inc. (MDGN)

mdgn-300Medgenics is a medical technology and therapeutics company focused on providing sustained protein therapies. The Company has developed proprietary technology called the Biopump Platform, which uses the patient’s own tissue to continuously produce and deliver the patient’s own protein therapy. It is designed to provide sustained protein therapy to potentially treat a range of chronic diseases, including anemia, hepatitis C, hemophilia, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, pediatric growth hormone deficiency, obesity, diabetes and other chronic diseases or conditions. The Biopump Platform Technology converts a sliver of the patient’s own dermal skin tissue into a protein-producing “Biopump” to continuously produce and deliver therapeutic proteins, and when implanted under the patient’s skin, has the potential to deliver several months of protein therapy from a single procedure without the need for a series of frequent injections.

Medgenics reported proof of concept of the Biopump Platform Technology in 2009 using EPODURE Biopumps that produced and delivered EPO to anemic patients with chronic kidney disease. In a further proof of principle of our Biopump Platform Technology, the Company reported months of sustained production by INFRADURE Biopumps of INF-a, the therapeutic protein widely used in the treatment of hepatitis C.

In Medgenics’ ongoing phase I/II renal anemia study comprising 14 patients to date, anemia treatment has been achieved in 12 out of the 14 patients without the need for erythropoietin (EPO) injections after receiving a single administration of EPODURE Biopumps producing EPO. One of the patients in this study has exceeded two years free of EPO injections, which he had been receiving prior to treatment with our EPODURE Biopumps. Based on these results and other development and testing efforts for the Biopump Platform Technology, the Company has begun to seek agreements with third parties to further develop this technology.

Medgenics is managed by a highly experienced team of biotechnology and biomedical device experts, and its Board of Directors and Scientific Advisory Board include highly experienced figures in the healthcare industry, in healthcare finance, as well as influential figures from the medical community and academia.


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