16 Frames To Fame

All slides should have simple construction with no more than six lines of text, including the headline. Don’t use fancy, complicated or “creative” graphics. They will all be wasted. Strive for relevant graphics (charts are excellent if simple) that tell a story quicker and more memorably than can words alone. Steer away from using slides as word-for-word outlines of your talk.

For mechanical specs consider a sans-serif type (Helvetica) with 30 pt headlines and 24/18pt text. Use yellow for the headlines, lime green for bullets and a light gray for text. These are not hard and fast rules. Just make the type readable and stay away from dark colors particularly in the red family. Use a black background so the background serves to highlight the entire slide’s content, rather than being a competing design element.

Presentation should last 15-25 minutes.

  1. Logo Slide
  2. Business Mission
  3. Size of Opportunity
  4. Market Share/Goals
  5. Niche Strategy
  6. Technology Advantages
  7. Partnering Approach
  8. Product Offerings
  9. Partner Discussions/Deals
  10. Roll-out Timetables
  11. Competitive Landscape
  12. Revenue/Profit Model
  13. Resource Requirements
  14. Management Experience
  15. BOD/SAB
  16. Investment Summary

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